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Avast Ye Book Sale Buccaneers! is dedicated to helping you find books and have fun while doing it. What can be better than browsing a book sale, searching for a bookstore or meeting your favorite author and getting an autographed copy?


We’re fun pirates— the good kind and we love hunting for amazing books. We pirates want you to enjoy your stay, return often and to have as much fun as we do so set your bookmark! is environmentally conscious and our digital ships are powered by renewable wind and solar energy.


Our Book Sale Pirate Policy does not give out or sell your personal information. It’s our Pirate Code. If you email us or send book sale, bookstore or book signing information, we will only disclose that information marked for a public listing and not assist those scurvy dogs known as spammers.


We do need to email our contacts to verify submitted information if there is some question, and to remind our users if their listed information needs updating. These messages will be clearly marked. may also send a very infrequent email message in a bottle to stay in touch. Best not to hold your pirate breath for those as we really mean infrequent. There's nothing worse than a bilge clogged with email.


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