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It's easy to get Golden! If you are a for-profit sale or a non-profit sale wanting to enhance your sale's visibility—you are in the right place. Enhanced sales have a one-time only cost of $30 (US dollars) and have a rich, pirate gold highlight and other selling features:


• Pirate Gold Highlight

• Gold highlight in the calendar at the top of the sale page.

• Substantial more room for description for details—up to1200 characters.

• Up to 12 • bullets to accent important points.

• Lasts up to 12 months.*


*The enhancement can last up to 12 months and the cost is the same regardless of time so it is best to book it as early as possible to receive the most benefit. Enhancements will disappear once your sale has concluded—this will happen even if you have a following sale already scheduled. You will need to renew your gold highlight for the new sale.


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Please complete form as completely as possible. Remember to click the "Anchors Aweigh!" button when you are finished. See our Pirate Code for privacy details. When provided, your listing will also include a phone number, website and a map to your location. Argh! We said we were fun pirates! Alas, late information may not get posted in time so please send your sale information as early as possible. The longer your sale is here, the more people will be able to see it.When you are finished, print your free pirate book sale poster here. Make as many copies as you need to promote your sale.




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Your pirate gold listing includes room for more detailed descriptions for only $30. This is optional, but suggested. Include extra information on the types of books you are selling, other items like cd's and DVDs, special offers, discounts, membership, related events and more. There is room for up to 1200 characters in this area and you may also use up to 15 bullets to highlight important information. Please do not use all capital letters.

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Thank you! Please take the time to look over your information BEFORE you click the "Anchor's Away" button to send the information. Certain information is required before the form will send. If there are any problems with the form, please email us the information as listed at .


Your cost for the enhanced sale listing is $30 (US dollars). Some information is required. Please check the form for missing information if the button does not send the form. The listing will not appear instantly, it must be reviewed first in the Wardroom so please be patient. Payment must be received before the ad can be placed on the website. We will be back in touch as soon as possible to verify the ad and payment. We can accept most credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, eCheck and Paypal through our "Butter Side Down" Paypal account or let us know if you wish to send check or money order. Please wait for your ad to be approved. We will invoice you via email.



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